Fuckroom without credit card

I am the gorgeous twenty year old heroine, who falls madly in love with the leading man in his fifties or sixties, who spends the movie running, leaping, beating twenty year old professional hit men, and intimidating everyone with his growly voice.

If I'm a cop, sometimes I look for stuff on "fake Google." It miraculously immediately pulls up information about sixteenth century toenail clippers, the home address of Vladmir Putin, or who really killed Kennedy, whatever it takes to advance the plot.

Fuckroom without credit card

I am the interface on said computer that looks nothing like Windows or OS X, owing to copyright issues and cheap-ass producers.

I'm the sassy gay friend of the main female character who will help her fulfill her fondest hopes, wishes and dreams by getting together with the hunky man of her dreams.

Now, I spend all my free time reading comics, doing RPG, wear a fringe-y hipster haircut that covers my eyes and have cool tattoos of Japanese anime characters or Princess Leia. I am the contractor who built the evil overlord's lair in the middle of nowhere.

How did I get building supplies, machinery and workers to this isolated location, and then feed and house them until the job was done? Holmes, who built a "murder castle" with secret rooms and passages, used it to kill hundreds of people, mostly women.

I am never wrinkled and always match her lacy underthings.

I never catch fire despite the constant smoking & umpteen glasses of scotch being downed.

I also have roles in movies set in Manhattan, London, Paris and several other cities.

I'm the smoke drifting from the scarlet lips of the femme fatale as my heavily-lidded eyes appraise my next victim/chump across a crowded room, while my mind replays the dark scenes I have endured in the past which has led to my habit of always packing a ladylike rod.

Our paths will cross several times while our backs are turned so that we just miss being reunited until we finally runs smack into each other after he or she has given up the search.

I'm the empty curb in the middle of LA where the hero has no problem finding a parking place any time of the day or night.

I am clumsy and frequently beaten up or thrown in trash cans by jocks.

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