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If you are with a man that rarely calls you and doesn’t bother to text you back at least half the time, its crumbs.

Don’t wait around in limbo land hoping that he’ll contact you more.

You’d have a better chance with him if you kicked him to the curb.

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If you want a serious relationship and a family you shouldn’t waste precious time on a boyfriend that flat out tells you he can’t meet even the most basic of relationship expectations.

If he doesn’t do the basics for you then you’re wasting your time waiting around for him to become more interested in you.

One of the biggest signs of relationship crumb-dom is when you start to date other people not because you want to but because you want to make him take notice. If you’re seeing other men just to play games with him in the hopes he’ll like you more then you are only getting crumbs from him. If he tells you that this is all he can give you then believe him. Women try to ignore obvious warning signs from him and they think they can somehow text or sleep their way into more with him. If he wasn’t interested in more at the outset its unlikely he will be interested in more later on down the road.

Your boyfriend knows what basic relationship expectations are. He should text you or call you every couple of days and try to see you say once a week.

You have to seriously hit him out of the park and seriously date other people because he’s not coming through for you.

Don’t delude yourself when you are only getting crumbs move the eff on.If your relationship with him meets most of these signs then you might be wondering what to do. Don’t take back or settle for crumbs if its way less than what you want.This is especially true for women in the marriage and child making stage of life.He’s shown his interest level and if its crumbs, don’t bother to waste your time. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you can text him and that makes a relationship, it doesn’t. If he’s not in a relationship with you there is no amount of texts that will help.If he can’t contact you every few days and make plans and weekend dates with you then you are in a crumb relationship.Don’t let a player convince you that you have issues that make him not want to commit to you.

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