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I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, But don’t be fooled by my gentle nature. You could say that I have quite the spectrum of “daddy issues.” I am a really Dirty Girl. Mommy and daddy’s disapproval could never stop me from reaching my perverse dreams.

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Young adult books are my bread and butter — the genre is my absolute favorite, and I've explored all different subgenres with the young adult umbrella.

Most (not all, but ), have elements of romance that give any "adult" romance book a run for its money.

Many different types of chat stories are presented, ranging from Justin Timberlake in a mysterious conversation with another celebrity, two young girls running from secret agents after hacking an Internet portal (whatever that is!

), or a homeschool girl relating her first sexual experience to her friend (depicted above).

I'm literally counting down the days until it does. Another thing I hope readers will love as much as I do is Feyre's journey in this book from such a dark, broken place to one of hard-won joy and hope.

Her latest novel, A Court of Mist and Fury (book two in the series) just came out, and the highly anticipated Empire of Storms (book five in the series) arrives this Fall. I love that it's ladies helping each other — and all different kinds of women.Description: Yarn allows you to read stories in chat format initially for free, but the upsell to pay comes very quickly.Every Yarn story is told in bite-sized, text message format (very similar to HOOKED) as if you were watching someone else’s text messages.She portrays the darkness within people, and she shows us the painful process of getting through that darkness and finding the light in others and, most importantly, in ourselves. I sat down with Sarah to talk about her books and controlled my not-so-inner superfan enough to get a glimpse into the mind of the groundbreaking YA author that everyone should get to know ASAP. POPSUGAR: What do you think readers will love most about A Court of Mist and Fury? Maas: The world really expands in this book and you get to all these new places and meet all these new characters . We don't stop needing or wanting answers about life and love the moment we stop being teenagers, so why feel badly about still seeking them out through literature in adulthood?

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