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Babarba turns this sense for reproduction fabrics towards the American Civil War with Civil War Crossing by Moda to create incredibly accurate reproduction fabrics for quilting.

Description: Absolutely adorable cute quilt for any baby or child, boy or girl! Description: These soft and cuddly fleece quilts are also very warm as theyre made of two layers of fleece quilted together and fringed on the edge.

Description: I call this Leftovers because I over bought fabric for another project. What a big difference between the antique quilt and this one! The binding is made from both the red and green fabrics. Description: The center panel of this fishing frog is pre-printed. The border fabrics are print and color-coordinated to the center panel.

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Commissions for other colors of fleece or appliquéd animals are also welcome. Description: The little girls and boy on this quilt are so cute! The pattern is one of my older designs, (Reflections), I liked the Holiday print so much I used it twice in the block.

Bear is on cream fleece and backed with red fleece with cream polka dots. This quilt pattern was inspired by an antique quilt made out of old shirting fabric.

Commissions for other colors of fleece or appliquéd animals are also welcome.

Bunny is on white fleece and backed with a hot pink fleece with white polka dots.

This quilt is in excellent condition, no weak spots or tears.

Evaluated and authenticated by a well known textile artist - founding member of the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG).

Description: This quilt design has been a much sought after one.

I make them from scrappy patchwork and coordinating fabrics.

If you look at the way the blocks are situated, it looks like there are yellow ' X's' and patchwork ' O's'.

These scrappy patchwork quilts are lots of fun to make because there are so many different fabrics put together into the top so that you will notice a different fabric every time you look at it.

This ensures that every one will be unique - no two quilts will be the same!

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