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De Bont, a wizard of roiling kinesthetic excitement, directs with the fluidity and grandeur of Steven Spielberg in his great ’70s films, staging the tornadoes as impossibly vast spectral-meteorological events.

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5 TREES LOUNGE It’s no surprise to see that Steve Buscemi, making his debut as a writer-director, digs with raffish gusto into the role of Tommy, a wheedling barfly who spends his days trading quips at a dank Long Island saloon.

The surprise is that Buscemi also turns out to be a major filmmaker.

And Harron’s re-creation of the Warhol Factory proves she’s the rare filmmaker who can turn pop history into art precisely because she respects the truth of what happened.

7 TWISTER Here’s something you don’t see every day: a $242 million blockbuster that’s also the most underrated movie of the year.

For Bess, love and religious fervor are inseparable.

She doesn’t take action so much as she simply believes.

Years from now, I think Breaking the Waves will be remembered as the first great movie to tap the passions of the millennium — a hunger for utopia on earth, a yearning for transcendence that’s a whisper away from doom.

2 BIG NIGHT Would you believe it if I said that the most ecstatic scene of the year consists of a man cooking an omelette?

Far from just dramatizing the Salem witch-hunts (or the treachery of Mc Carthyism), Miller lays bare the calculus of totalitarian psychology.

And the cast endows his dialogue with a flesh and blood that leaves you thrilled, shattered, cleansed.

The movie is about many things: the love of brothers, the ache of exile, the quest for the perfect risotto.

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