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The owl cam is a collaboration between Ferndale Music Company and Ferndale Tech.

Our camera sits inside the 50-foot bell tower of The Old Steeple, Ferndale's former Methodist Church and current home to a concert venue and Ferndale Music Company.

Visit the Ferndale Owl Cam for sweeping views of the Victorian Village, Historic Ferndale Cemetery, Pacific Ocean, Russ Park, Redwood Trees - and, of course, The Old Steeple's resident Barn Owls.

Kaepernick’s quarterback rating keeps decreasing every year since his breakout sophomore season.

The ratio of interceptions to touchdowns gets worse every year since 2012, too.

"Sitting up with minimal support also means the baby has the proper muscle control needed to transition from a liquid diet of breast milk or formula to solid foods," says Jean Moorjani, M.

D., a pediatrician at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando.

First, your little sitter will be able to remain upright for only a second or two before he topples.

As his muscle strength improves, he'll be able to sit slightly longer but will probably fall over again as soon as he gets excited and starts kicking his legs.

It’s about “the land of the free and the home of the brave” written from the perspective of one seeing the national standard flying as the artillery dropped during the War of 1812.

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