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I don't want you to feel that way I want you to feel better.

I'll try if you want to write you a million letters, if that's what it takes to make you feel better.

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Is delving into the complete unknown a key part of your enjoyment of a relationship? The issue with turning your best friend into your partner is that it may leave you without a best friend.

They may well have been the key person you vented to about relationship issues and the person who gave you advice.

Therefore, your relationship has a much greater chance of going the distance. Maybe they want to get married by the time they are thirty and have three kids.

Or maybe they are eager to receive four job promotions before they consider settling down.

They understand who you are and what you are saying.

The greatest distance cannot separate best friends.

Others assert that they have best friends for different aspects of their personalities.

Whatever the precise definition, your best friend is the person who gets you.

You will always feel a kinship with them, and be able to instantly continue the friendship even after not talking for many years.

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