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It seemed like an unprecedented list of major musical figures left us this year: David Bowie, Prince, Merle Haggard, Leonard Cohen. Prominent passings affect many aspects of the music world, but the impact is particularly clear in the world of cover songs: When an artist dies, a lot of people cover his or her songs.

The world was hardly hurting for Prince covers before April 21, but afterwards, to paraphrase the man himself, we went crazy.

In a way, she’s seen as the underdog with big hits like “Price Tag” and “Bang Bang” but she’s also an artist with diminishing returns – there is no joy in listening to her full length albums. E.” is one where she can be seen as an artist worth investing time into.

In addition to being a multi-talented musician, Jack is a critically acclaimed songwriter and producer. being honored with the Vanguard Award at the 2014 ASCAP Pop Music Awards and co-writing fun.'s Grammy award winning song "We Are Young" and Grammy nominated album Some Nights.

He also received a Golden Globe nomination for his collaboration with Taylor Swift on her song "Sweeter Than Fiction." Jack has also worked with Sara Bareilles, co-writing her Grammy nominated hit "Brave", and Canadian Indie icons Tegan and Sara.

Tambourine Man - The Byrds Murder Me Rachael - The National My Back Pages - The Byrds My Body is a Cage - Arcade Fire My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence the Machine My First Kiss (feat.

Empathy is hard—especially, sad to say, when you are fucking someone and it's not going quite so well as you'd planned.

(“I’ve got a pair in every color,” he noted.) Doug wore jeans. When Clive wondered about putting Katy Perry at a table with Taylor Swift, because they share “a commonality of being young female artists,” it was pointed out that they also shared a commonality of boyfriends, in John Mayer (Swift had an unhappy affair with him; Perry is dating him now). He just wants to see it.”Davis took these changes in stride.

Were you ignorant of the proceedings, you might have assumed they were engaged in a family parlor game that combined Celebrity, Scrabble, and Jenga. “We might look for a different seating,” Clive allowed. Quincy Jones wanted to bring Rashida and Kidada, two of his seven children. Nothing could compare to the disruption the party suffered two years ago, when Whitney Houston was pronounced dead, three hours before the gala.

If you add in the whole gender thing, it gets even harder.

Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together. And then they call each other bitches and cunts and dumb motherfuckers, assholes and alcoholics and overprivileged Ivy League elitist shits, failed writers, failed people, people with daddy issues and mommy issues and control issues and abandonment issues, just Issues, horrible Issues, Issues that cannot be forgiven; they accuse each other of crimes against God and nature and political engagement; they accuse each other of being just like their mothers (never satisfied) and their fathers (2 bold). I know the basics about Rivers Cuomo--the Japanese girl fetish, the weird sex obsessions, his pathetic emo songs.

And some of them have recording careers, so they take it public. I never was a fan, purely because I didn't like the music. Automatic plus.)We need more criticism like this, more female-specific criticism.

Some of the stuff here is old, some of it is new, a lot just hasn't been posted in this fashion or in such a high-profile (to some) way. The essay does speak to a very specific period/demographic. I'd like to be the female Chuck Klosterman (I don't even want the idea of female version to be included here, even though music/pop culture critics desperately need some women in their ranks), but Sady Doyle is on her way.

So imagine the dinner is for some nine hundred of the most famous and sought-after people in the world—luminaries who, at any other party, would be the cynosure of all eyes but on this evening might not even merit favorable .

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