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The things an editor must do in the future don’t need a WYSIWYG any more.

It’s actually important that he doesn’t believe he’s seeing what he gets.

There are just two limitations: This Blog is about 2 things.

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So I created a Google Tag Manager App, just for you All this and more has led us to not even evaluate simple modules as evaluating the modules takes more time than creating it again.

This is not the way it should be, but the way it is.

I had forgotten how bad it is, because we barely use the WYSIWYG nowadays – and you too will soon stop using it.

These pictures show the very same content – in 3 of over 100 different previews that would be possible: The reason is very, very simple: When A4-paper was the final destination of our work at the computer, the goal was to show the resulting paper on the screen – eliminating the guesswork of what we get when we print.

Right now I’m writing this blog on the Telerik-editor built into DNN and it’s terrible.

There are a zillion bugs – like hitting backspace at the beginning of a paragraph will reformat my text (no joke).

In DNN 5.0 the artificial differences between Regular and Admin pages was removed.

All Modules showed in the Admin-Menu can now also be placed on any custom page and basically everyone could use them.

Today we released 2Sexy Content 6.0 – and it’s a game-changer. So I created a brand new App in exactly 10 minutes, and recorded myself doing it.

In the last few seconds I even packaged it for redistribution.

I recent Blog-Post by Peter Donker called Strong Typing Your Settings on the DNN-Connect inspired me to this. You can find it here Syntax Highligter App and a quick demo here. I’ve made it my mission to promote creating no-server-code-solutions. These are some features, that usually require code on the server: We’ll release a few more such Apps in the coming weeks, and I would love your feedback. Do you think we’re wasting our time optimizing for this?

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