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date "romantic liaison," 1885, gradually evolving from date (1) in its general sense of "appointment;" the verb in this sense is first recorded 1902. Yet there were some things she could remember on the other side, dating also from Corry's Cambridge years.

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A process that connected us to our consultant with CAC, Katie Fenska Trusting God at Home, another amazing gift from God! The first phone call with the birthmother followed soon after and then traveling to meet her.

More applications and paperwork, fundraising, more excitement, sharing the news of the decision to adopt with our family and friends which came along with the support and encouragement we never fathomed. The visit for us was like the doctors appointments, ultrasounds, feel of the first kick, and gender reveal all in one–how merciful and loving The Lord is to his children!

I have now found Anthony Wood's authority for dating his birth in 1545.

The question of dating arises, since only the Klock piece is firmly fixed.

This is the spirit of adoption, the reason we were led to bring a precious child of God into our home that we did not conceive on our own. This child, was one that we did not conceive on our own.

We did not have the experience of reading a pregnancy test and seeing the positive result staring back at us.

We have now to mention but one more custom, dating from those great days.

The boy she was currently dating had not called her up for three days.

Partnering with a great adoption agency and caseworker who completed our home study.

Being led to an amazing consulting group, Christian Adoption Consultants.

One statement the lawyer made touched my heart in a very special way that I wasn’t expecting.

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