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“I had three kids in primary school, and when I attended parents council meetings, 90 per cent were against sex-ed, and 10 percent were for it,” she recently told a Toronto audience.

“However, all of these parents could neither explain nor defend their positions.

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Karolina Vidovic Kristo, a respected Croatian television journalist employed with the state public broadcaster, was recently in Canada to talk about how she led the fight against sex education in her country by exposing Alfred Kinsey, his research, and its aftermath.

Kinsey was an American biologist, and later sexologist, who founded The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

After that letter, they stopped attacking her, and this past September, she won a court settlement for her defamation suit against Zagreb Pride.

Kristo has also received death threats against herself and her children, yet she continues her mission to expose Kinsey’s crimes. The only country where this truth was aired on public television was Croatia. ” Kristo said, “modern sex ed began in the sixties.

His published research on human sexuality sparked controversy in the ‘40s and ‘50s, but influenced sexual education in America and abroad Vidovic Kristo, 40, was the producer, editor, and investigative journalist of an international Croatian program on HRT (Slika Hrvatske/ Picture of Croatia), promoting Croatia abroad, and keeping the diaspora connected to their homeland.

In 2012 the Croatian Government introduced a revised sex-ed curriculum.

Among his now-refuted statistical claims, Kinsey said he discovered 10-36 per cent of men are homosexual; homosexuality, incest, rape, pedophilia, and even bestiality are normal, and 95 per cent of men engage in these behaviours; 40 per cent of married women have affairs; 25 per cent of married women had abortions.

This abortion statistic is said to have been a catalyst in convincing lawmakers to legalize abortion.

The Association said the book has already sold out.

A statement from an advisor at the French Embassy, Guillaume Colin, reads: “We are confident that it is worth fighting for tolerance and respect for diversity, which are at the core of our shared European values.

“As I watched the production, I felt sick and disgusted. I thought: people don’t know what has happened; they need to know.” At that moment she decided to do a show on sexual education and expose Kinsey’s research.

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