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The problem is they can’t show us the 21-foot ladder. Here is a list of the border sectors and their size, listed from west to east (Pacific Coast to Gulf Coast): San Diego (60 miles) El Centro (70 miles) Yuma (126 miles) Tucson (262 miles) El Paso (268 miles) Big Bend (510 miles of river-front border) Del Rio (210 miles of river-front and lake-front border) Laredo (171 river-front miles) Rio Grande Valley (320 river miles) Following the first great wave of illegal immigration post-1986 amnesty — which primarily came through the California-Mexico border — Congress passed a bill in 1996 to require construction of a double-layered fence (triple-layer in some places) in the San Diego corridor along the coast.The border fence that conservatives are advocating has worked in San Diego and it has worked in Israel. For some geographical context, the southwest border with Mexico is roughly 2,000 miles long divided into nine “sectors” patrolled by U. You can see a picture of the fence with razor wire here.

And that is exactly why the political class is so stridently intent on opposing the construction of a full double-layered fence or any effective barrier at the border.

The bipartisan open borders cartel is all in favor of discussing sundry forms of “border security,” especially if it will afford them the political cover to pass amnesty.

Between 20, suicide bombers infiltrated Israel almost on a daily basis. After construction of the fence, a double-layer barrier with a security zone in the middle — similar to the San Diego fence, suicide attacks perpetrated by Arab terrorists declined by well over 90%.

Over 1,000 Israelis were killed and countless thousands wounded — the equivalent of 42,000 fatalities and hundreds of thousands wounded in America if extrapolated from the population size. Saudi Arabia is now taking a page out of Israel’s security plan and is constructing a similar fence along their border with Iraq.

As of October 2014, only 36.3 of the 700 miles of double-layered fencing were constructed, as required by the 2006 Secure Fence Act.

You will hear a talking point from the Left that 652 miles of fencing have been completed, but most of those fences are easily penetrable or downright worthless.

By the end of the decade, apprehensions fell by 95% as illegals moved eastward, even though the fence covered only 14 miles of the 60-mile sector.

The majority of this border sector, unlike most other areas of the border, also has a tall and solid single-layer fence.

While nothing is foolproof, the double-layered security barrier stopped the terrorists; it will stop illegal immigration.

A plain old fence breaks the political barriers to security More important than the fact that security barriers are the only proven means of stopping infiltrations is that it solves the root of the immigration problem: politics.

The crisis with illegal immigration is not some natural disaster that is simply immune to common sense solutions.

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