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The attempts of Keenan and Payne to fight the evils that tried to destroy them have taken them on tangents where they tend to run roughshod over non-offending MAs, especially those who try to point out that to possess an MA sexual orientation does not automatically make one an abuser or offender.

For example, Keenan and Payne's house blog, the Phoenix Post, tweeted out the following strident message on Aug.

31, 2014: The Phoenix Post ‏@The Phoenix Post Paedophilia is a form of sexual terrorism that needs its own Anti-Terror unit (11) Payne, on her Twitter page, @Dr Sara Payne MBE, declares herself to be involved in a "#War On Paedophilia." She recently referred to an abstinent MA who tried to reason with her, Šimon Falko ‏@simgiran, as an "offender troll" and stated that she had blocked him as a matter of routine.

Dr Sara Payne MBE ‏@Dr Sara Payne MBE Aug 27 @IPCCNews ...

Before running away to become a free but starving teenaged street person in London, she was left partly deaf from parental beatings, and suffered a fractured skull after being brutally raped by a group of sailors her stepdad had prostituted her to at age 10 (2).

Unlike many victims who have no direct evidence to substantiate such dramatic claims, leaving themselves open to being mistaken for child abuse hoaxes like Anthony Godby Johnson (3) and J. Le Roy (4), Keenan was able to extract a recorded confession from her stepfather after being wired by BBC journalist Sarah Macdonald (5). Over the ensuing twelve years, Keenan has authored or co-authored three widely distributed books based on her experiences, the autobiographical ‘Broken,’ the "terrifying internet pedophile" crime detective novel ‘The Stolen Ones’ and the anti-abuse polemic ‘Where Angels Fear.’ The last of these is co-written by Sara Payne (6), a woman whose daughter was abducted and killed by the notorious unsupervised, released sex offender Roy Whiting (7). Sara Payne MBE' after having received a civic award from the British government and an honorary doctorate from the Open University, is also a partner with Keenan in an anti-abuse advocacy group called Phoenix Survivors (8).

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