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Passionate-observer, business-minded and community-involved, The Journal is the voice of Edmonton and northern Alberta. For readers who want more than national headlines, the Leader-Post is the convenient and up to date news/information source that digs deeper into local matters.

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They are generally treated like crap and dont care because the next day they are proud to tell their friends that they know the hockey studs personally.

They are usually down for whatever which results in an intresting night for the boys. Bag Skates: Hockey practices where players are forced to do repetitive skating drills until they are exhausted, or have “skated their bags off”.

the donksbecome a key component in locker room chats with the boys as the team sits on the pine sharing a friendly little chaw. Flow: Hair that would flow out the back of someone’s helmet and curl up around the back of the helmet. Dusters: This term refers to those unfortunate souls who usually only step on the ice with 14 seconds to go when your team was initially down 4-2 but gave up an empty netter to make it 5-2. Puck Bunnies: One of the lowest forms of lifestyles, they vary from young teens to women in their early 30s, and from appealing to grotesque.

Dummied: To beat/completely annihilate someone in a form of competitive event so badly that it was like you were facing a non-living mannequin. The coach finally calls the “dusters” number and does so in a way that the duster feels like he is finally getting an opportunity to showcase the talent he doesn’t really possess. Cause this plug has been sitting on the bench the entire game… These girls are known for attending hockey games for the soul purpose of ending up in bed with one of the players.

Many players regret and frown upon what they did the night before. It’s often used as punishment for an underperforming team.

Fortunetly this phenemonal night has its upsides like building team chemistry and chirping broads . Ex: Scene in the movie “Miracle” Bar Down: Scoring off the crossbar.Extending its rich tradition of design leadership to the Web, and, it delivers a more immediate, in-depth, and customizable news experience, with all the content and functionality today’s online readers demand. Since 1912, The Vancouver Sun has cast a watchful eye on the events, issues and politics of the day – all with a unique West Coast perspective.Publishing Monday through Saturday in print and daily online at, we are proud to be B.Chipped, missing, teeth is also referred to Bad Jibs. The Chizzler: The guy on the team that steals everybody elses point because he can’t get his own.The Knobhawk: The guy who keeps his head up on the ice, but down in the showers.Built on the strength and tradition of the 104 year old Financial Post, National Post provides readers with comprehensive reporting from across the country and around the world, all with a distinctly Canadian voice.

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