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” – a link to a video making some “interesting points”.We hear a doctor telling us “I can’t argue with science! ” – despite some 25,000 people having waited outside Graceland on the day of the funeral to get a glimpse of the King in his open coffin.And it has to be said the evidence gathered on the page is pretty conclusive.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Express Online, she said: "Chris Martin? The massive big change has been the speed at which people want things.

They've probably got loads of towels with their names on and it would be a lot easier."Her dating website My Single turns ten years old at the end of this month but is still one of the top places to find love in the modern dating world."Celebrity hook-ups… Adding an 'app' to her My Single Friend repertoire, founder Sarah said the renovation was needed because technology has changed so much in ten years."What was modern ten years ago isn't modern any more.

And appearing as an extra in an airport scene of the 1990 film He visited Russia shortly after the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, but was back in the US to be spotted in 1988 in the quiet village of Vicksburg, Michigan, by local woman Louise Welling, who saw him in the number two checkout queue of Felpausch's Supermarket, waiting to pay for an electrical fuse. The King also popped into the Burger King at 760 W. The ensuing global tabloid meltdown prompted one enterprising local dentist to put out an advertising sign: “The King gets regular check-ups here.'' Last year, as a sprightly 81-year-old, Elvis was back at Graceland, working as a groundsman to ensure the estate’s 13.8 acres were kept in good order. “Elvis does not have a pony tail, therefore this must be Jesse.” (That would be Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis’ twin brother, declared by officialdom to have died at birth, and said by truth seekers to be as alive as Elvis.) It’s pretty clear that some people believe all this stuff.

Rumours he attended his own 82nd birthday proclamation ceremony at Graceland in January were, however, swiftly debunked. The ‘Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive’ page has received 23,792 ‘likes’ since being set up in 2014.

[His love for his wife] makes him really attractive. This would be in another life, of course."Sarah's passion for matchmaking has lead to her running the number one dating website in Britain and, after ten years at the helm, has decided to re-vamp the site.

Now people expect information immediately."She added: "We're not Tinder and we never will be Tinder.

We like the facts your friends are involved, we like the fact you can see who's connected to who - we like that, it's good for us at MSF."With the new app, you can ask several people to describe you at once rather than just one. They can give you a little bit, a taste of what that person's like.

You can start having fun really quickly, rather than waiting for everyone's reply."Despite being happily married to Graham Swift for 13 years, if her circumstances were different happy-go-lucky Sarah said she would definitely sign up to the site."If God yeah, why not not.

“If you are a fan of a celebrity,” said Dr Wood, “And you like and admire them, perhaps you don’t want to think they are dead.

It might be something as simple as that.” There were other possibilities, though.

What seems harder to explain is exactly why people believe Elvis is still alive and why they keep spotting him.

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