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Fewer than 33% of subjects with predominantly homosexual fantasies, attractions, or behaviors actually identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual.These figures suggests that most adolescents who might be experiencing same-sex attractions are reluctant to label themselves as GLB.The new hours and locations include: Pollock Commons: Monday 2-4 p.m. Stama said the goal of CAPS Chat is to be available for students as an entry point in where they can find resources within the school and the outside community and learn basic coping skills.

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Therefore, the sensitive practitioner is likely to obtain more honest information from their teen patients if they inquire about sexual activity and attractions rather than to ask the teen to label themselves as GLB.

No specific biological or psychosocial factors have been identified that determine why some individuals develop sexual attraction toward members of the same sex.

The practitioner's knowledge and sensitivity regarding sexuality issues strongly influences the patient's comfort level in seeking optimal health care in the future.

In the 1950s, Kinsey conducted the first modern sexuality studies.

The first contact with a professional in the medical field for the teenager who is GLB is often the pediatrician, family practitioner, or internist.

Many healthcare professionals provide medical care to teenagers who are GLB far more often then they realize.CAPS Chat coordinator and CAPS counselor Jason Yoder said the purpose of CAPS chat is to provide a safe space for students to feel comfortable asking any questions on mental health that they may be curious about."Part of our thinking when creating CAPS chat was eliminating barriers for students who may be concerned with calling CAPS for screenings," Yoder said. Stama said some students filled out online anonymous surveys about their experience with the informal sessions, and results showed a majority of the students were happy with their experience and felt their concerns were overall addressed and the location was very convenient."Whether it is breakups, general complications with relationships, problems with friendships or with professors, sometimes students just want to be heard." Stama said.Yoder said the free sessions are also open to students living on and off campus, regardless if they live in the halls or not. Common concerns that were discussed in the informal sessions dealt with general anxiety, test anxiety, academics and the stress of finding a job after graduation."Students can come talk even if they're in just a low mood, the type of mood where people have that 'blah blah' feeling," Stama said.Studies show a concordance of sexual orientation in male twins who are raised apart, lending support to the idea that biological factors greatly contribute to the development of sexual orientation.Likewise, Bell and colleagues conducted a study of 1500 individuals identified as gay and lesbian through detailed interviews involving various aspects of their childhood environment, including parental relationships.Modern research on this topic reinforces the idea that sexuality is a dynamic construct that should be understood as a combination of sexual attractions, sexual behaviors, and sexual identity.

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