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• Information has been wrongly and unjustifiably refused.

• When applicant is required to pay fee/charges in excess of those prescribed in RTI rules applicable.

An appeal cannot draw the Information Commissioner’s attention to the failures of the Public Authority to comply with the requirements of the Act. GROUNDS FOR COMPLAINT AND APPEAL Complaint: Complaint may be filed on the following grounds:- • No PIO or APIO or FAA is appointed by public authority.

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One may also file a complaint very late (say 18 months later) and Information Commissioner cannot dismiss it on the grounds of being late.

Appeal: There are time limits for filing a first and second appeal as per sec 19(1) and 19(3) — 30 days and 90 days respectively.

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Section 18 of the act empowers Central Information Commission [CIC] and also State Information Commissions [SICs] to enquire into complaints against Public Authority, Public Information Officer [PIO] and First Appellate Authority [FAA].

SYSTEM REFORM versus GETTING INFORMATION Complaint: One may file a complaint with SIC/CIC against Public Authority, Public Information Officer [PIO] and First Appellate Authority [FAA] for enquiring and taking corrective steps in respect of majority of problems that the applicant may face in getting information to which he is entitled to under this act.

Appeal: One may only file a first or second appeal against the decision of a PIO or First Appellate Authority.

d) Calling for any public record to be placed before it (not only the information requested in the Appellant’s RTI application).

Appeal: Information Commission has no civil-court-like powers while deciding appeals. At the most, it can also summon the head of the Public Authority, or another official deputed by him.

• No reply is received from PIO & FAA within time limit fixed by the act.

• Reply received from PIO is unsatisfactory, irrelevant, unreadable, misleading, unclear, false, incomplete etc.

• Any other violation of provisions of the act by public authority, PIO or FAA.

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