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Already there's talk of a film project built around him.

So far, Stern has displayed enough star power to have sold out — in four hours — Long Island's 16,000-seat Nassau Coliseum last year to fans willing to pay .50 for the privilege of watching Stern and his radio gang live.

And much to his chagrin, Stern now has the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issuing him warnings and waiting for him to cross that rather ill-defined border of airwave acceptability — a line that he treads profitably on a daily basis."I'm no shock jock," says Stern.

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Part of the show's appeal is its odd, crackling randomness. Jessica Hahn, the PTL Club sex symbol, calls from the Playboy Mansion to talk about her new breasts. Howard Stern on Sex, Therapy and Charlie Sheen Some regular drop-ins are actual stars, like Sam Kinison and Richard Lewis.

Jamie Lee Curtis calls, and Stern confesses his masturbatory admiration for her; then Young M. Others are freakish sorts, like Rachel the Spanker, Darren the Foot Licker and Vinnie, who offers to snap a mousetrap on his penis.

Because of a technical glitch, most of the crowd at the club can't hear what Stern and company are saying.

But they're coming in loud and clear to the million and a half listeners who tune in each week in New York City, Washington, D.

A number of his enemies would like to see him banished from the FM dial.

Some have lobbied the show's advertisers to drop their sponsorship.Some Stern listeners will tell you he's the funniest man they've ever heard, a loose cannon who hits his mark more often than not.The show itself is a four-hour black-comedy schmooze-fest, punctuated by song parodies, prerecorded comedy bits, sleazy studio antics and live commercials that stray freely from the copy. Stern's mother calls to tell him he never calls.Stern speaks a grubby, cynical vernacular, but he inspires devotion and delivers the numbers.He proved such a ratings bonanza for K-Rock, in New York City, that its parent company decided to syndicate the show on WYSP, in Philadelphia, and later on WJFK, in Washington, D. And even if you can't hear him in your city, you can spot his influence on one of the renegade copy-cat shows that have popped up around the country.But Stern's ambition — a favorite topic of his — goes way beyond radio.

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