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In a post on, where she has been trying to raise £2,500 for legal and travel costs, she said Bahrain was ‘a law unto itself’ and there was absolutely no need for her daughter to have been imprisoned.‘The bruises are from a long time ago.Sexual violence in its many forms has re-emerged as a torture technique in Bahrain.

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“There is no travel ban or restriction in place against the British National, the only issue was that of the passport, in which she reported to the police as lost.

“However, she is free to depart as soon as that issue is resolved with the British Authorities.” Hannah’s family also released a statement saying: “I can now confirm that they have been informed the restriction placed on Hannah leaving Bahrain has been lifted.

For his role in helping Al Khalifa flee Bahrain, Johnson was court-martialed for "forging military papers," but because of all the media attention the case was getting, Johnson's punishment only consisted of him being stripped of his "Lance Corporal" rank, being demoted to "Private," the lowest rank in the United States Marine Corps. Facing deportation from the United States, Al Khalifa applied for political asylum, citing that she faced harm, which, she claimed, could have included death, for her relationship and subsequent marriage to a non-Muslim, one who was not only a foreigner, but also an American, as well as for fleeing her native country illegally, without permission from her father or her government.

In an interview with CBS News, Johnson and Al Khalifa said that if she returned to Bahrain, she would be "lashed, executed, stoned, killed, shot".

Her former husband Jassim Alhaddar, 30, has reportedly dropped the charges against her enabling Hannah to return home to Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The Bahrain Embassy confirmed there is no restriction on the mother-of-one returning to the UK, reports the Mail Online.

They claimed she suffering from domestic abuse at the hands of her husband after she moved to the Middle Eastern country last year.

In an interview with Mirror Online, Alhaddar admitted hitting his wife but claimed it was in "self defence".

But an employee at the illicit apartment block insists he found Hannah’s passport in her alleged love nest.

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