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It was filmed entirely using mini digital cameras mounted in bizarre places (like in a bowl of soup, on a pair of chopsticks and up a girl's skirt).

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In the two years following LOVE & POP, Hideaki Anno mastered the style he dabbled in here. (I may have to bump my rating up to a 7.) As with SHIKI-JITSU, he matches the perfect doleful piano pieces with poetic voice-over narration.

In particular, I recognized a few Chopin sonatas, Debussy's "Claire de lune" and 1 or 2 other haunting melodies.

The first of three films in a planned Godzilla animated trilogy, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is expected to be followed by a sequel that will feature Mecha Godzilla, according to Comic

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates, and watch the latest trailer for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters below.

It's a heavy, disturbing subject right off the bat.

That plus the unconventional camera-work rings of "pretentious art house film". I suspect that it's because this is a sort of *tongue-in-cheek* pretentious art house film.His later work SHIKI-JITSU is the perfection of what we see here.You'll even notice many recurring trademarks such as train tracks, red lighting and "countdown" intertitles.I have nothing against Asian men of other nationalities. As a matter of fact, color, nationality and ethnicity do not matter to me when it comes to finding true love.I am an equal opportunity woman that will give any genuine guy a chance that is truly interested in knowing and loving me.His studies fell by the wayside and Anno was expelled by the university.

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