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Hicks and a brother-sister pair later named Dillon and Tenaya (Tenaya has previously met Gem and Gemma, Flynn borrows a bus to bring stragglers into Corinth, and Summer uses a bike to retrieve Scott just as the shields go up.

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Alex later blocks Circuit's remote access to the history banks as a time hole crisis looms in the past.

Alex rescues his team with a Timeship (they died originally), but upon learning of Wes's death in the past, the team goes back to save the day.

With the new movie so close (it premieres March 23), we thought we'd take a look to see what might have been. We're pretty sure we're going to like this version better.

is anything but -- not only does it totally embrace the mania of the franchise, giant robots, power coins and all, it's also refreshingly funny.

Trini is a control freak who's almost always on edge, while Zack has bad blood with Jason for distancing himself from their friendship after joining the Angel Grove High football team. Billy used to be going out with Kim, but they're broken up by the opening of the movie (although they get back together, and there's even a passing mention of how Kim moved on to a guy named Tommy Oliver).

Kim is probably the most radically different -- a punk-rock, anti-establishment loner whose temper is on a hair trigger. Trini and Jason have an on-and-off relationship that likewise is back on by the script's end.

Born into wealth, Syd will become a cover girl with her own pop album. K unveils Project Venjix, a computer virus designed to help her escape with Gem and Gemma (she has also been using it to help with Project Ranger).

K is seized before she can install a firewall, and Venjix is unleashed on the alternate Earth.

Jason in particular is definitely cut as the bad-boy stereotype, constantly running up against his police officer father, but each Ranger has or her own issues.

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