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Due to the possible infection by some of those receiving transfusions before 1990, it is estimated that without effective intervention, the number of identified cases will triple in the next 10-20 years.

Known as the silent disease, many individuals have no symptoms and they do not find out they have it for many years.

Healthcare/public safety workers who follow safe practice are also at low risk.

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Other sources, including professional medical opinion, should be consulted before taking any action.

Page Index Current situation and background information Hepatitis C - Primary Sites Hepatitis C - What you should know, causes, testing Hepatitis C Links Study of First Responders Alternative Treatment Additional Hepatitis Sites Encyclopedias and General References It is estimated that there are as many as 200 million worldwide infected with hepatitis C.

Before 1988, this type of hepatitis was called non-A, non-B hepatitis, meaning that it was not caused by the viruses that produce hepatitis A or hepatitis B.

Currently, hepatitis C is responsible for an estimated 8,000-10,000 deaths annually from chronic liver disease.

There is no claim or warranty, either express or implied, that the information is correct, error free, complete, valid, or suitable to any particular situation or in general, or that it is the best or only way to solve the problem.

The information provided must not be used as the sole basis for education, diagnosis, or for treatment.However, risk to child of breastfeeding by infected mother has been determined to be low.An intimate stable relation with an infected partner, or even relations with multiple partners has been determined to be low risk.Also Hepatitis Newsletter for in-depth and current information. Ask NOAH About: Hepatitis July 18, 2001 Researched by Erica Burnham, MLIS Regional Medical Library, The New York Academy of Medicine Library Up-to-date categorized listings on over 100 sites related to hepatitis C source The Hepatitis C Resource Center "The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) leads the country in hepatitis C screening, testing, treatment, research and prevention.Of those not recovering, a large portion may experience no symptoms for 20-30 years although damage to the liver may be occurring slowly. Some never experience problems but in the largest portion of individuals there are problems which impede the proper functioning of the liver, with some eventually developing cirrhosis (scarring), a portion of these having liver failure or liver cancer, and some (less than 3%) dying of liver disease.

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