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The Halogen software application is your home for designing, configuring, and controlling your HAL audio system.Halogen's easy-to-use graphical user interface simplifies the design and configuration process.The interface is divided into two main sections: the Hardware Workspace and the Processing Workspace.

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audio I/O, Dante, and logic expansion devices, wall sensors, ambient sensing mics, and an advanced Paging Station (P3 Pager coming soon! Control HAL functions from a web browser in any smartphone, computer or tablet – including i Pads, i Phones, Androids, etc.

In addition, the HAL Multiprocessor and Halogen™ software check the status, location, CAT5 wiring integrity, and that audio is flowing in all peripheral devices, so you know your system is properly connected and ready to go.

The Hardware Workspace is where you specify, configure, and troubleshoot the physical hardware components of your audio system.

Notice that Halogen separates the hardware view from the processing view of your audio system.

Without IP anything, without DHCP servers, without unblocking ports, without firmware mismatches, without hours (or days?

) of bad cable termination or swapped cable-pull troubleshooting, and other troubles caused by Ethernet and other supposedly modern digital audio and control transports.

HAL is an expert in room combining, paging and distributed audio systems.

This groundbreaking architecture is dimensions beyond any solution in any industry.

The DR5 Switch Controller adds more logic to any HAL, accepting external switches and driving LEDs on a room combine panel. The DR6 is a fully customizable touchscreen remote for the HAL family.

It supports multiple pages or tabs and any set of levels, toggles, selectors and/or commands on the 7-inch LCD display. The RAD26 is a volume control and source selector with a customizable LCD, audio in and out, logic in and out, a small stereo amplifier, and many control options in Halogen. The maximum length for CAT 5e cable between ethernet devices is 100 meters.

Since the same Halogen software code runs on both Windows® and within HAL hardware, third-party control developers can test all their code using only the Halogen Windows software.

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