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Granted she’s way more talented than most i.e., me. It bothers me that they are seen as the ultimate gun. Reply presumably the usual way of picking folks for such teams is looking for talent at shooting competitions.I don’t think she is good enough to be on team glock.. I am a Glock user and Fan but they are falling into the gimmicky category where much to my regret Costa himself is walking into. So if there are no other shooters that wanted this job with the same or better skills then i am fine with it. If she starts competing in lingerie then i am fine with it again and might even watch.

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Action figures and weird tape to “enhance” your shooting. A Michelle Viscusi version of Mattel’s Barbie with duel wielding Glocks included? Reply Wait, you mean a company team isn’t a purely PR move by itself? Reply I don’t doubt that she’ll do very well quickly.

Attractive people with moderate skills get more attention that less attractive people with greater skills? Most people don’t have the time or money to become a great shooter, it is a very niche sport.

She doesn’t have to be the best, though I think she has the potential, she just has to keep eyeballs on the Glock brand.

And even if she turned out to be a poor competitor even shitty NASCAR drivers have cars plastered with logos of sponsors.

Maybe this lady is the best they can pull in at the moment.

Reply “Maybe this lady is the best they can pull in at the moment.” I think this is exactly the case.

I just looked at a few videos of her shooting steel and was not very impressed. Maybe my expectations are set a little high due to the high level shooters that Team Glock used to have, but she seems like she is just a bit above average as a shooter.

Reply Team Glock was rocked with scandal last year and saw the exodus of several of their top talented shooters.

They’re probably looking for another Jessie Duff, which is hard to find – a top competitor that’s also smokin’ hot. It’s obviously a PR stunt and a gaudy, unprofessional one at that. ) She seemed cool not much personality but not a bitch either. If she agrees to wear that outfit with the duel D-eagles hell I will pay to watch.

Reply As long as she doesn’t bitch about people calling her sexy like Danica Patrick who by the way is not sexy I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Reply Please point out the article or video where Danica bitches about ANYTHING!

Natural ability helps but if GLOCK is willing to put forward the resources to create a competitive level shooter it really doesn’t matter who they pick. Men can hate women they possess sexually and women they do not possess sexually. Whether or not any of us can/or have had sex with this Breasts Life-Support System (a.k.a. Most of us just see the inclusion of a BLS into this competition as a shallow attempt by Glock to raise product awareness through sexualized advertising. You may not be that guy, but that guy is in this thread.

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