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Other destinations in the northern Carpathians can be reached by minibus from Lviv and Uzhhorod.

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All forms of tourism are growing, including hotels, skiing, and eco-tourism.

When they start building new railways and good roads, we'll know it's serious! Locals rent out inexpensive rooms with varying levels of comfort, and often will feed you, too.

There are trains to Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, and Chernivtsi from cities in central and eastern Ukraine.

From there you can take minibuses to destinations in the mountains, as well as a slow narrow-gauge diesel train that runs from Ivano-Frankivsk to Rakhiv and back several times a day.

There are overnight trains from Kiev to Uzhhorod that make it very easy to get to the northern part of Ukraine's Carpathians, including Slavsko (one of Ukraine's prominent ski resorts).

This is the only regular-speed railway route through the Carpathians.There are at least several mountain dialects, which are sometimes specific to just one valley.In areas of Transcarpathia where tourism is developed locals usually don't mind speaking Russian with tourists since their grasp of Russian is often better than their grasp of proper Ukrainian.Summers are warm with frequent rain and thunderstorms. There are a few reserves that prohibit camping (for example, the east side of Hoverla).There are no equipped campsites, no hikers' refuges, almost no groomed hiking trails, few signs (more in recent years)...Usually, but not always, buses leave and arrive at train stations, but sometimes the bus station is in a different part of town.

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