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"Veep is way more realistic than House of Cards, which people on the Hill tend to hate-watch," says a Senate aide."Veep is really sharp satire, and like all satire, it works because it's revealing truths."Like many of Washington's political animals, Meyer is blinded by her desire for the presidency, a job "she's been trying to get to for her whole fucking life," as Louis-Dreyfus puts it, and considers the vice president's realm, as one of FDR's vice presidents said, worth little more than a bucket of warm piss ("Sometimes I think A Bucket of Warm Piss might have been a good title for the show," Louis-Dreyfus has said).

held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

provided an update on her condition after her recent surgery. pic.twitter.com/5LPlbzpi I3— Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@Official JLD) February 14, 2018 When she announced her cancer diagnosis last year, she also bravely advocated for universal healthcare, so that anyone diagnosed with this disease or many other life-threatening diseases can afford the unfathomable cost of treatment.

After revealing her breast cancer diagnosis last September, Dreyfus tweeted today that her procedure went well, writing that she’s “feeling happy and ready to rock after surgery” and giving cancer a hearty “Fuck you! Great doctors, great results, feeling happy and ready to rock after surgery.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus pulls up to the mouth of the Temescal Canyon hiking trail in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles in her gray Tesla, then jumps out in a flurry.

You have to stay present when you meditate, and I have the worst time with that I'm just, ' Forward! "The only cast member to create a satisfying post-Seinfeld professional life, Louis-Dreyfus has been very good throughout her career at not stepping in the poop.

'" Then she spots something on the trail, and jumps over to the side for a moment. She's been nominated for or won an Emmy 14 times in the past two decades, starring on three TV sitcoms since Seinfeld, including Watching Ellie and The New Adventures of Old Christine, and scored her first major dramatic film role last year, opposite James Gandolfini in Nicole Holofcener's Enough Said, a movie about divorced lonely hearts (Gandolfini died several months after they wrapped).You have the feeling that politicians even envy the glamour of Hollywood."With his fatalistic, scabrous sense of humor – Iannucci is mostly responsible for the cutting dialogue on Veep, like calling the notion that senators would vote for Senate reform "persuading a guy to fist himself" – it seems as though he and Louis-Dreyfus may not come from similar comedy bloodlines, but they've seen eye to eye for the most part on Veep.The show wasn't written with Louis-Dreyfus in mind, but after a single meeting between the two of them, the casting was decided.C., but hadn't hit on the right man for the job. Iannucci's brand of black humor is defiantly nonpartisan, and in his earlier comedies, his characters never mention real-life politicians like President George W. Iannucci uses the same trick in Veep, in which political parties are ignored, and no one ever actually sees the president, though his presence looms over all things."Armando has an outsider's eye for Washington that's sharp and knowing," says New York magazine columnist Frank Rich, a creative consultant for HBO who is intimately involved with Veep as an executive producer.Although she has the most interesting acting role of her career right now – the narcissistic, thwarted vice president of the United States on HBO's political satire Veep – it's been almost 25 years since she first played Jerry Seinfeld's nervy sidekick Elaine Benes on his TV show. Louis-Dreyfus arrives at an overlook now, pausing for a moment to take in the Pacific Ocean, Century City and her neighborhood of mostly gleaming white multimillion-dollar homes set like teeth on the surrounding hills.

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