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The incident took place after the priest’s, Father Doran’s, funeral following an untimely death.

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I sometimes have feared that in rendering the tale in full, I, too, have knocked on and open that house door, finally stepping down into that dark, cool basement room near the old cellar.

There I am pulled into Mary Joy’s moist cave to release a flood of liquid Christs into her sweet and hungry womb, while a grinning Aunt Karen pulls out the spent snake for a most intimate, knowing taste.

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You never know which models or bikinis you might find from one week to the next, so be sure to check back often!In a sense, I have come to crave more and more each day to perform self-sacrifice upon the soft bellies and thighs of Mother Mary Joy and Aunt Karen, only to emerge as their newly begotten child–arisen as a calm fetal Buddha already wise to the world.Indeed, my old family friend Joshua granted me permission to enter the winding valleys of his memories and to add the flesh of my words and thoughts to the skeletal structure of his basic portrayal.It is a cautionary tale of life, death, and love, and the thin line that binds or divides them all.Perhaps one day another artist inspired by this story would possess the confidence to make it into a graphic film.Only later did Joshua David, who now works as a visual graphic artist somewhere in the American Heartland, begin to understand some of the mysterious supernatural forces shaping this episode more than twenty years ago, not to mention how his intriguing and intelligent young adult son, who remains unnamed here, came to dwell among humankind.

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