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Recent interviews with Imran Khan, which can be seen at and other bollywood stars have found Hot Chaat a great avenue to promote their projects and events.

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Con un simbolismo, posiblemente cargado de significados mágicos, estas pinturas muestran animales, cacerías y otras escenas cotidianas del entorno natural del hombre antiguo, que trataba de dominar las fuerzas adversas de la naturaleza capturando su esencia mediante su representación.

El libro digital o libro electrónico, conocido como e-book, está viendo incrementado su uso en el mundo del libro y en la práctica profesional bibliotecaria y documental.

The weekly television show Hot Chaat, launched in 2010, is produced in America, starring Masala T and Alisha.

The show is produced by an Indian-American team, and the first to focus on trendy fashion and news in the Indian community, as well news and gossip about both Bollywood and Hollywood, serving as a bridge between the India and American entertainment industry.

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And thats the uniqueness of the show, even though it focuses on Bollywood, the show has a global audience and as a result, the viewer feedback has a big impact on show topics and interviews. They are sponsoring a Bollywood to Hollywood talent contest.

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We are the first show of this kind, and weve had a tremendous response from our viewers.

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