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The Republic of Korea's 9th (White Horse) Division conducts a firepower demonstration at the Tuy Hoa camp, June 14, 1968, where ROK troops were holding one-week training sessions for South Vietnamese Popular Forces soldiers (local militia) in infiltration, rifle firing and other combat tactics.

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The 9th held under ferocious Chinese human wave attacks by three Chinese Divisions of 23,000 troops.

We have seen reports that ownership of the hill changed some 24 times; other reports say the Chinese charged up the hill 24 times.

This enabled the Koreans, their two divisions, the Tigers and White Horses, to control Route 1 and the neighboring populations all the way from just north of Qui Nhon to Phan Rang.

You will also recall that it enabled the 2nd ROK Marine Brigade, which arrived about a year before the White Horses, to move north into Marine Country, I Corps. As you can see in the above photo, there wasn't much at Tuy Hoa when the 28th White Horse arrived. Phu Yen is a coastal province with a coastline 189 kilometers long, and many mountain ranges extending close to the sea.

The division began to deploy in April 1966 and arrived in September and October 1966.

The ROKA 9th Division was hastily created in late 1950 during the Korean War and operated in the mountainous terrain of Sorak and Odae in the northeast, not far from the 38th parallel.

In total, the 2011 floods killed more than 100 people, mostly children, and destroyed tens of millions of dollars of agriculture, aquaculture and infrastructure.

Over the course of 2011, natural disasters resulted in 295 people missing or dead and more than USD 615 millions in damage.

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Chung Nak Koo, 11th Co., 28th Regiment; and Sergeant Kim Man Su, 9th Co., 29th Regiment.

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