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Emma, who describes herself as feminist, said it was a big learning curve that changed her perspective on needing a man."There are so many other things in life you can do to find happiness.

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This is done over several stages, starting with a detailed questionnaire, which is used to create your own free personality profile.

Matches are formed based on a range of considerations, the first being location.

My life is constructed the way I want it to be," she said."But I'm not anti-relationship, just anti being treated anything less than I deserve."After a string of long-term relationships, Natasha began to ask herself, why?

"That's what your parents did, and that's what everyone else does," she said."But I love the freedom of being single and I love being responsible for my own life and my own happiness."Natasha said she felt fulfilled by her business and the only time she missed having a man was when things needed doing around the house."I never feel lonely …

Fewer people in Australia are getting married and more are getting divorced.

And women in particular seem to be finding the positives in experiencing life's adventures solo.Other research also shows women are happier than men being single, such as a survey of 3,500 Australians in 2014 that found 76 per cent of women reported being satisfied with single life as opposed to 67 per cent of men.Just last month an Italian woman "married herself" in front of 70 loved ones, saying her happiness did not depend on finding a man."Each of us must first all love ourselves," she was quoted as saying. From its vast open spaces to its vibrant multicultural cities, from its endless pristine beaches to its sleepy suburbs – Australia is an exciting and diverse place to live.Finding a person to share your life with in such a location can feel like a real challenge.Having returned once again to the dating trenches, I've been surprised by just how many attractive women there are in Sydney and how few of them want to have sex with me.

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