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This song I’m assuming is about his addiction to Courtney and drugs or relating his addiction to her as if she were a drug.I've been a fan of Nirvana since '93 when I was in college and their music got me through some very tough times in my life. No Offense, Orlando, but that is extremely ignorant and pretentious to assume that you know for a fact exactly what this song is about. I can't believe how many of you are so f--king blind..Ik verheug me nu al op nieuwe ontmoetingen: kennismaken, aftasten, verwennen en verwend worden. Door hun wijsheid zijn ze interessante gesprekspartners. Ze maken zich niet meer zo druk om de buitenwereld en dat vind ik heel charmant.

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I suffer from bi-polar disorder (as did Kurt) and have been instututionalized multiple times, but I am not crazy or even violent, in fact I am one of the most easygoing people you will ever meet.

My best friend is schizoprenic and is one of the smartest people I have ever met.

I made it through those bad times and survived into 2013. I'm a musician as well like I said in an earlier post and I don't claim to know any more about Kurt or what he was trying to say than anyone else, I did not know him personally, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter because I don't live in his head. but I guess I only understand him because I am a musician. do you really think he'd want to risk getting killed by saying what the song was about, hmmm?

I could inform people on the musical aspect on the song if I knew it, but I admit I've never learned to play this song so I'll keep my mouth shut about that area. The only hint is watching poor kids with cancer die believing in Jesus, his words. logic guys..."broken hymen of your highness im left black/throw down your umblical noose so i can climb right back" his mother is his highness and obviously the hymen must be broken in order to give birth to kurt which left him black as in dead and empty because of his addiction and wishes he could climb back into her womb and start over"Meat eating orchids forgive noone just yet" is a reference to heroin.

He taught me to play guitar, we are both musicians.

Kurt Cobain was unfortunate to have a less than spectacular childhood, along with with horrible stomach problems and a mentall illness which probably drived him to get addicted to drugs, which didn't help any.Unfortunately, you chose to beat your idea down everybody's throats, which isn't cool. People also don’t realise that in all the interviews before ‘Nevermind’ come out, and in the first few months afterwards, we had different perspectives on what our band was. We didn’t realise how many interviews we were doing, just knew that we were exhausted every night after talking for hours on end." - Kurt Cobain-Heart Shaped Box was also inspired by Jessica Tandy, the original Blanche Dubois, and Vivian “Leigh” starring in Tennessee William’s A Street Car Named Desire.(Inspired by Blanche’s Seahorse Pin)I listened to a radio interview of Courtney Love in Burbank and when Kurt was across town playing at the Whiskey Go-Go.The dj asked Love, if she was a Pisces and she said that 'Kurt had an old girlfriend that was a Pisces that he said he got along allot better with.' Kurt turned to herion after his other, unknown girlfriend terminated a pregnancy due to Kurt's new found addiction.This song is about a boy a man, that knew not his mother.But to find out later in life when things were just starting to happen for in a sense the song is about a man that was taken back to being a boy while meeting his dying mother with friends around to is at - Alec, Mechanicsburg, SD Kurt had issues, yes he was mental. that blond guy in the front with the weird eyes is dead. In Kurt's biography, Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R.

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