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“In carrying out his extortions, Watson gave no consideration for the distress and trauma he was putting his victims through and showed himself to be a devious and manipulative individual.

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“Another man said it was extremely upsetting as he went into his maximum overdraft.

“One said he had difficulty leaving the house, had trouble sleeping and was generally very upset as a result.” “Troubled background” He said Sutherland used the money to pay a chauffeur company, who were traced and confirmed he was a regular customer and went to lavish nights out.” The biggest single amount extorted by Sutherland came from a 62 year-old caller who phoned what he thought was a one-to-one chat line.

Sutherland led the discussion towards underage sex, only to then pretend to interrupt the call as a monitor called Nick.

He told the elderly caller it would cost him £34,000 to remove the recording from the system, otherwise it would be sent to the police, who would put him on the sex offenders register.

Sheriff Mac Neill added: “There are strong indications that your behaviour is compulsive and you pose a high risk to others.” “Devious and manipulative” Detective Chief Inspector, Richard Thomas, who oversaw the investigation welcomed today’s sentence.

He said: “William Watson used a variety of techniques to extort a substantial amount of cash from his victims.By tracing the bank details given to the callers, detectives found he had been leading a lavish lifestyle of chauffeur driven cars and nights out at expensive bars with the extorted cash.And today at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Sheriff Deidre Mac Neill QC sentenced Sutherland to three years and nine months behind bars for extorting £87,700 from 10 men aged between 32 and 65 years old between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2009.One caller, aged 40, even claimed the stress of his £2,100 debt to Sutherland may have been a factor when he was diagnosed with epilepsy, according to procurator fiscal Graeme Jessop.Fiscal depute Graeme Jessop told court: “Once police heard from one caller, they began recording calls to his number.Often putting on a voice, he would quickly lead the caller into talking about underage sex before interrupting the call with using a different voice pretending to be a call monitor.

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