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I’ll use an example to help make the distinction – most guys (including PUA’s) will readily talk to an attractive girl at a friend’s house party, however they are less likely to do so in a Starbucks, or on the subway.

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My coaching links page will have a list of dating coaches and professionals in the industry that can help you on your journey.

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While there is certainly some valid criticism of PUA’s, as I write about in a later article, I personally don’t believe in the use of any kind of verbal trickery (lies, insults) to build attraction with the opposite sex.

Regarding my earlier definition of a pickup artist, I’m aware that there will be some overlap with any guy who has ever flirted with a girl.

Such men have been around throughout history, take for example Casanova.

The modern day incarnations of pickup artists (PUA’s) referred to such successful and self taught seducers as naturals, and attempted to emulate them.

The same data showed similarly high usage among singles well into middle age, with usage finally tapering off after forty-five.

And so, for better or worse, we can assume that the number of online dating users will continue to climb.

What follows below is a bit about my own personal story, and my reasons for creating this site.

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