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Life is about to change in a huge way for CW sweethearts Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Ackles — they’re expecting twins!

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But the key to living such a long life — besides coming back from the dead, of course — is never looking too far down the line.

For Ackles and Padalecki, their focus is on the next milestone: hitting 300 episodes.

“In an effort 2 squash some posers, my daughter is helping me start an Instagram profile,” he wrote.

star announced the news on Instagram Saturday after his son and daughter were born on Friday, Dec. “Danneel, JJ and I are excited to announce the birth of our twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes,” Ackles wrote alongside a photo of Dr.

“In a marathon, I keep my sights on that next mile, wherever that might be,” Ackles says.

“And 300’s a good number to work for.” Episode 300 would take the show 13 episodes into season 14, or all the way through season 14 if they did a shortened season, something Ackles and executive producer Bob Singer have talked about as a potential option.If Sam and Dean have taught them anything, it’s that Death can be lurking around every corner (and he’s usually eating pizza).“If we don’t make it to 300, I think Ackles and I will both be truly bummed,” Padalecki says.The day that I don’t feel that magic will be a very sad day, and I hope that day never comes.I’d like to get to 300 before that day comes.” RELATED: Hear what TV shows to watch and avoid this fall For now, there’s still plenty of gas left in the Impala’s tanks.), credited professionally since 2012 by her married name Danneel Ackles, is an American actress and model. Before she landed her first acting role, Harris worked as a model with such companies as Big Sexy Hair and Juicy Jeans. In 2003, Harris landed her first role on the American Broadcasting Company Soap Opera television series, One Life to Live as Shannon Mc Bain, a student attending the fictional Llanview University.

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