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In the 2000s, it piqued the interest of criminals & nations.Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) – Q3 2017 – 19pgs – 29th November 2017 Single insider threat incidents in 2016 cost an average of .8m.23% increase in all types of identified cybercrime attacks on businesses since 2016.

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SQLi made up 50% of web application attacks in Q4 2017.

Hiscox – survey of 4,100 businesses - 24pgs – 6th February 2018 German firms have been hit hardest by cyber crime, cost figures ranging up to $5 million.

Germany was the source of 30% of DDo S attacks observed in Q4 2017.

79% of DDo S attacks were suffered by the Gaming industry.

8% of Healthcare suppliers to the US government reported a Data Breach over the last 25 months.

Nearly one in five users at Technology and Aerospace contractors are vulnerable to malware as they use an outdated internet browser.42% of Business Continuity Managers are extremely concerned about the risk of a Data Breach.

Ponemon & Raytheon – 12 pgs – Survey of 1,100 senior IT staff - 23rd Feb 2018 36% of senior IT practitioners think their leadership sees cyber security as a strategic priority.

66% of IT practitioners expect their company's value will be "seriously diminished" in next 3 years by a cyber attack.

The way in which a business manages a data breach has a direct impact on the final cost.

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