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Once-a-Month Social Events Our new Rainbow Social Group is for spiritually-centered, caring, loving LGBTQ congregants who may or may not be openly living an alternative lifestyle.

The intention of the group is to allow LGBTQ members to expand social networks within the Unity of Phoenix community – both on and off campus – in a safe space free from judgment.

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Ok I have to defend the Bible here there is nothing wrong with the Bible it has survived two thousand years, without too much alteration of text.

Isaiah has been compared to what was found in the Dead sea scroll caves and Bible scholars all around were amazed at the finding. The Bible is radically different than all other so-called sacred literature.

Earl has been a renowned teacher and lecturer & Astrologer for over 25 years.

Earl is available for speaking engagements nationally and internationally.

Earl Purdy is also an Astrologer and Numerologist and is available for his incredibly helpful "Clarity Sessions" in person or by phone.

If you are interested, or want more information about his private sessions, contact Earl directly.It is an open group for those who wish to overcome their own challenges and for those with a loved one with addictive challenges.Earl "Raj" Purdy is a Teacher and Lecturer on A COURSE IN MIRACLES and Metaphysics.Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center offers a wide variety of small groups through which it is easy to make friends and create loving relationships in our spiritual community. These groups invite like-hearted people with similar interests to meet and establish a greater connection and to support the ministry. While most of his psychic readings were dedicated to healing people, his readings also covered a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical topics. in Room 8 Edgar Cayce is perhaps one of the best known clairvoyants of the last century.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

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