Wow glyph of intimidating shout

Glyph of Battle I use Battle Shout instead of Command in 5mans. Glyph of Charge Better range on charge sometimes comes in handy.Glyph of Bloodrage No damage taken from Bloodrage, ok choice if you don`t have 4t10 (yet). Resets taunt cd everytime your Vigilance target is attacked. Damage dealear who does most threat (look at your meter). Place it on tank whenever you are sure that he is not going to have any threat problems.Great synergy with “Improved Disciplines” (Talents) makes this ability 2 min cd.

But you have to decide what will work best in your situation.

Feel free to check video of Warrior MT Lo D by Shizel here. When you are main-tanking you have enough rage for everything, when you are offtanking you don`t need rage.

When I MT at LK I place this on top dps, and switch it to OT after burst (20s).

I can then get any ghoul that runs away from either of us. Recklessness Guarantees your next 3 special attacks to crit, but increses damage taken by 20% for its duration.

Pair that with Shield Block and 4t10 bonus and you can use defensive cooldown every 30s on yourself.

Its my no1 choice also because you jump on gunship 1/minute (you have def cd for every jump) and LKs Soul Reaper has 30s cd.

Very good, if you offtank at LK (you can even mitigate EVERY soulreaper with this).

Only downside is that your target will loose 10% of their total threat.

Improved Cleave Good for aoe threat, especially at low gear. Commanding Presence Nice boost to your EHP, but fury can take this, while loosing almost nothing.

Improved Demoralizing Shout Increases attackpower reduction. Impale 20% bonus crit dmg sounds great, especially when you realise how much bonus crit % you can have from other talents. Only downside is that you need to waste 5 talents into arms tree to get this. Glyph of Taunt Increases spell hit chance of your taunt by 8%.

But both of those glyphs loose value on shorter fights, since you would be able to use them only once anyways.

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