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The Ugandan kids sang and a handful of Halifax student cellists returned the favour with a couple of tunes, including Scotland the Brave.

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Teacher Laura Kennedy, who acted as a sort of MC for the event on Friday, said kids are learning everything from entrepreneurial skills by selling their cards at school and at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market to geography.

“First and foremost, they know that Africa is not a country,” she said.

Students at participating North American schools raise money to help pay for the education, housing and food of the 17 Ugandan kids living at an orphanage in Kampala.

At Sir Charles Tupper Elementary School, some students in grades 4, 5 and 6 sold Valentine’s cards they had drawn themselves, raising $600 to help support Michael, a Ugandan boy with a love of soccer and airplanes.

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Such grievances should be filed directly with the Dean of Student Services.

“It’s the opening of eyes and the moving of hearts, the understanding of kids half a world away,” Mc Kim said.

Elliot Kachen, a Grade 6 student who turns 12 today, said interacting with students in Africa can help break down barriers.

The New Brunswick high school teacher didn’t even bother telling his world issues students it was a possibility. It was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had as a teacher.

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