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What might be some reasons for the large differences in reporting depression? cat=1&Quest=Q25 This page reports how many students had made a plan within the past 12 months for how they would commit suicide. cat=1&Quest=Q18 Read the statistics for how many students report that they have been in a physical fight within the last 30 days. cat=1&Quest=Q21 This report shows the percentage of teens who report that they have been hit, slapped, or kicked by a girlfriend or boyfriend. this site created by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which shows statistics on teen drivers.

You may use photos, art, or pictures cut out from magazines to enhance your game.

Time1-2 weeks for research, answering questions, and creating board game Resources The first nine sites show the results of the surveys done by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to explore the causes of and try to decrease the number of preventable deaths for teens each year.

Investigate the differences in safety belt use from state to state, and between males and females. cat=1&Quest=Q10 Investigate the statistics on the number of teens who report that within the last 30 days they have ridden in an automobile driven by someone who has been drinking.

Again, notice any differences by state, by year, or by gender. cat=1&Quest=Q11 Discover what the survey showed about teens who were asked if they had driven an automobile in the last 30 days while drinking alcohol. cat=1&Quest=Q14 Investigate the statistics on the number of teens who reported carrying a weapon to school at least once in the past 30 days.

Questions about teens and common causes of death After answering the questions, use what you have learned to design a board game that will educate other teens about the risks they face every day.

For the purposes of the game, you will use only the following causes of death: accidents, assault, and suicide.

Introduction In January 2004, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the leading causes of death for Americans for the year 2003. The majority of the top five causes of death for teens are preventable.

They are as follows, for all races and both genders: For teens, the number one killer is accidents.

Drinking alcohol puts teens at a higher risk for any kind of accident or injury. page, created by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows the percentages of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders who have abused different illegal substances within the past 30 days. As you study the numbers and their changes over the past two decades, keep in mind that the use of these substances greatly increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and death.

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