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So I worked up the courage to approach her & ask her to dinner. ) and asked if I had a dating resume she could view. I know you're out there, Resume Girl, and dammit I'm going to get my date.I obviously said no & received her blunt 'no thanks then' in return.

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There are three things I’d like to caution you about dating in college. Avoid the tendency of college couples to become “a church of two.” The temptation is to become more intimate with your partner and seclude your pastor or your church community, which is to miss out on the counsel and accountability you need to have a God-honoring dating relationship (or any kind of human relationship). Studies show that hookups are the new norm, and it’s leaving students desensitized and depressed. Studies link students’ pornography usage with desire to experience multiple partners on campus.

If your dating relationship is distancing you from God and the church, or enabling you to keep sexual sins secret, then it’s time to raise a few flags and get real about your motives. Are you looking for a coping mechanism for your loneliness?

Make time for our community groups, hang out with people who have gone ahead of you in life and are willing to share their wisdom with you.

Solomon knows a thing or two about dating, and here’s what he says: Let real people filled with real experiences speak into your life, let them humble you, let them instill patience in you, and let them show you that there’s a lot more to a romantic relationship than movies, dinners, and physical intimacy.

working diligently to maintain a social life that pops!

Now, with all of that in mind, do you believe that it is realistic to maintain good grades and be in a committed relationship?Ask the person out, dress up, pick a good movie, enjoy a nice meal; but go back home, sleep in your own bed — . College life resembles the real world but it’s the real world.Be okay with aching and longing for more, it means you’re healthy. If you’re struggling with guilt, confess it to your pastor, be prayed over, and receive the gospel grace to move one (hence the first point). It’s got “fitness centers, cineplexes, food courts, huge coliseums” — but college is its own “cocooned city” (according to James K. Smith); it’s an institution centered on education, filled with financial dependents and vocational amateurs.It takes maturity, and maturity takes discipleship.So the remedy, once again, is the local church where you can get discipled.To help make your decision easier, I want to offer you some girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on how to stay on top of your game in school and in your relationship.

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