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The property owners were sent an initial demand letter requesting payment, Tallini said.“That due date was Oct. Tallini expects the tax sale to occur on the second or third week of November.

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Photo courtesy Hermitage Club EERFIELD VALLEY — To pay off some debt, the Hermitage Club is requiring members to pay an extra, one-time $10,000 fee.“We believe the one-time 2017 dues adjustment will provide some relief to several suppliers and vendors in the valley,” Hermitage Club CEO and founder Jim Barnes said.

“They have been incredibly patient and we want to make things right.”His group closed an “equity and convertible debt offering” on Monday.

“The balance of funds collected will be used to operate the club until our financing package is finalized, which is expected to be a first quarter of 2018 event.”The goal is to “clean up the balance sheet, allowing the club to pursue $30 million to $60 million of outside capital that will improve and strengthen the capital structure,” according to Hermitage.

Then the company can focus on finding new members and addressing a “pent-up real estate demand,” documents stated.

In Wilmington, the Hermitage struck up an agreement to pay delinquent taxes to avoid tax sale earlier this year.

Selectboard members voiced concern given the reduced rates at which the payments were made.

Taxes, penalties and interest are owed in an amount between 5,000 and 0,000 for the Hermitage Inn, the Inn at Sawmill Farm, the Snowgoose Inn, the Deerfield Regional Airport and a house on Tannery Road.

The latter two properties have been sold to limited-liability corporations but were included in the estimated amount owed to the town.

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The Hermitage was on the list of property owners late for the August tax payment, according to Wilmington Town Manager Scott Tucker.“The next payment for this fiscal year is due in late February,” Tucker told the Reformer.

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