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She portrayed an ethereal beauty with whom Robert De Niro's character, Travis Bickle, becomes enthralled.

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In 1974, Shepherd again teamed with Peter Bogdanovich for the title role in Daisy Miller, based on the Henry James novella.

The film—a period piece set in Europe—proved to be a box office failure.

Although critically acclaimed, the series lasted only one season.

A year later, Shepherd was cast as Maddie Hayes on ABC's Moonlighting (1985–1989), which became the role that defined her career.

Shepherd returned with good reviews for her work in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver (1976).

According to Shepherd, Scorsese had requested a "Cybill Shepherd type" for the role.

Her first film was The Last Picture Show, also starring Jeff Bridges and Timothy Bottoms.

The film became a critical and box office hit, earning several Academy Awards and nominations. Shepherd was cast opposite Charles Grodin in The Heartbreak Kid (1972).

Already sitting in on an acting class taught by Stella Adler, Shepherd was offered work at a dinner theater in Norfolk, VA, and turned to friend Orson Welles for advice.

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