Submissive chatbot

As a program, Microsoft Bob was a notorious flop, and little-known.

But the underlying tech, like the “Microsoft Actor” file format, was updated and repurposed for a new project.

In November of the next year, Microsoft released the latest version of its suite of applications, Office 97.

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But a funny thing happened in the intervening years.

In 2011, Apple announced the marquee feature of the latest edition of the i Phone 4s: Siri. Microsoft introduced Cortana on its mobile and desktop operating systems, and Amazon discovered a bona fide must-have gadget with its Echo speaker, which uses a talking AI assistant called “Alexa.” Maybe most familiar to Microsoft Word users of the 1990s is the Google conversation AI assistant, which is at the heart of the operating system on Google’s new Pixel phone. One key difference is that this generation of assistants perform most of their number-crunching in the cloud, on remote servers far more powerful than a turn-of-the-century Gateway tower.

An ad campaign for Office XP literally depicted the character as useless and obsolete, the most damning insult one can level at a piece of software.

Clippy jokingly assumed that “XP” stood for “Ex-Paperclip.” By 2007, Clippy had been relegated to the dustbin of history, and Microsoft’s Assistant initiative was practically dead.

Granted, a child with a relatively limited vocabulary and set of skills, but technically, that counts.

Eventually, the idea goes, you can hold full conversations with an AI chat bot, asking it to answer complex questions and undertake complicated tasks. ” In the mid-’90s, Microsoft was exploring how to make personal computing more approachable to consumers who might never encounter a PC in an enterprise environment.There are few things hotter in tech right now than artificial intelligence.You’ll hear people with titles like “chief experience officer” and “thinkfluence concierge” talk about “neural networks” and “machine learning” and “natural language processing.” Alexa, Siri, Cortana … The idea is, you can talk to your computer as if it were a person.The Big Idea behind Clippy was to move away from the strict, regimented flow of computer tasks.In Clippy’s heyday, if you wanted to do something in Word — like, say, add footnotes — you had to know where the “Footnotes” menu item was, and how to navigate the preference window that popped up.If you started a document with “Dear So-and-so,” Clippy figured out that you were writing a letter, and tried to offer help.

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