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Abdullah’s story I just want parents to hear how their kids feel, how I felt and couldn’t be heard because I didn’t dare to speak out. I remember vividly being called ‘daga’, I don’t know an equivalent offensive term in English, it’s like someone who is very submissive, flamboyant and being taking advantage of. In our biology class we had all pictures of pregnant women cut off, and at grade 6/8, I can’t exactly recall, they one day suddenly separated the girls and boys. Years later I learned that they had a special lesson about what it means to have a period.

Ali’s story I discovered my sexual orientation at a very young age.

And as I was growing up, I tried very hard to change to what my surroundings taught me.

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I felt a burden being magically removed from my shoulders.

There was a smile on my face that made me look like the most idiotic person on earth!I was not thrilled about the idea, and every night before I laid my head on my pillow, my prayer was: ‘Oh God, please don’t let anyone find out this little secret of mine.’ Moreover, I used to have nightmares about being publicly humiliated for who I was and I was always insecure about myself in everything I did.In late March 2011 I finally packed up my courage and posted to the world on Facebook that yes, I’m gay! And, as if being possessed by a demon, it felt as though I just came out of an exorcism.It took long term psychotherapy to work through this, and I still carry scars. I just kept on thinking, this is going to end one day, I am going to have my dream of finding a boyfriend, sharing a life with him and a cat.I eventually felt more at peace with myself and could say to myself: ‘Yes I am and that’s ok,’ and really feel and mean it.Beneath it all I started believing I was mentally sick, that I had an illness.

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