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Going by straight points per game, a less reliable stat but one whose results are no less damning, the Lakers allow 107.8 points per game with Ball, and 124.1 without him.

With Ball on the floor, Lakers opponents shoot 44.6 percent from the field. Before the loss in Oklahoma City, Walton ticked off the things Ball brings to the court for the Lakers’ defense, starting with his lanky 6-foot-6 frame, his ability to switch on screens and his preternatural ability to anticipate passes.

With the exception of a double-overtime thriller in Houston on New Year’s Eve, the Lakers have not really been close in any of their games without the No. Thursday’s 114-90 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder was just the latest case of the Lakers missing Ball.

Tyler Ennis started in place of Ball, tallying nine points points, three rebounds and three assists.

“He says it feels better but he’s still limping around,” Walton said following the team’s shootaround on Wednesday.

Hours later, prior to tipoff, he added Ball “doesn’t look like he’s ready to start playing.” That leaves Walton to promote the holistic, team approach of everyone summoning the mindset of making the extra pass without Ball there to set the example.

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That despite all of the distractions that come with the 20-year-old point guard’s family, despite his screwy and often ineffectual jump shot, the Lakers need Ball to win? “There’s games that we could have won (that) he hadn’t played in.

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