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Rather than upload the images to your own server and chew through your memory, you upload them to Flickr and utilise the embed code. Flickr has the added bonus of allowing you to manage your settings so that others can print, download or share your images.A great resource if you have family who want to be able to decorate their walls.If you are a subscriber: Simply log in for unlimited access.

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got a dropbox account already, stop right there and go get yourself one!

Dropbox has long been known as a safety net for backups.

Do you play any games together like on Facebook Messenger?

Of course, we still have a few questions for Frank and the boys - what's the name of the chat? Is everyone involved or do you have any sneaky sidechats to talk smack about each other?

We just got mugged by a family of baboons at Vitoria Falls. Funniest and most terrifying day ever— Steve Collins Jr (@Stevie Collins JR) December 13, 2017Introducing #Bad Coaching We challenged four of the world's best golfers to give prank lessons to unsuspecting fans.

The former members of My Chemical Romance have a group text chat and ever since the news broke, their fans have been seriously freaking out and begging for more details.

Best of all, you can add filters to make your pics look even more stunning before you share them.

If your wanting to store larger images in all their photographic glory, Flickr is a great resource.

Ultimately, the unrelenting passage of time will render everything we hold dear meaningless - but while we grapple with the incomprehensible inevitability of death, the media of sport and Twitter offer us brief, fleeting relief from our existential angst.

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