Dating in your mid twenties

The nice part about being single for multiple years — is that you figure out more and more what you want, what you don’t and what you’re willing to compromise on.And in some very powerful, awesome, ways, you also learn how to care less about how it all goes and expect more out of yourself and your future Nancy Drew, you can learn a lot about someone from listening.

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In case you need a good belly laugh or you a reminder of how far you’ve come — or where you’re headed — here’s what dating is really like in your 20s.

Naturally, in GIFs, because those are fun through the entire decade.

When you want to focus on this, then guess what, you have to do the equivalent of going back to school and learning. There are all inclusives, singles cruises, join an outdoors co ed group - there's lots of those out there. Meeting people in bookstores or on the street or something takes much more skill and time to pull off. If there are like street fairs or a downtown section or something lots of people hang out at on nice weekend days that might work too depending where you live. A bar/nightclub early in the evening, and if you like him, ask him to dance with you.

Your young and you have lots of time to find the right guy out there. Meeting people to date through friends gets very hard as you get older, so while that's the safest way, waiting for something like that can happen could have you waiting around forever. Many guys are too shy to approach a woman but will jump at the chance to dance with you even if they feel awkward dancing.

Where’s the chill dude that likes to take things slow and see where it goes without pressure? Despite what you might think, I have other things to do, meaning I sometimes forget to reply or I simply don’t have time at the moment.

Where’s the relax guy that doesn’t get angry when you don’t want to go out on a date if you’ve only exchanged a total of 5 words in advance? Can’t I just text you when I’m out amongst friends? And if we hit it off, well, we can always go on a real date after that, right? Type two (immediate commitment-dude) never got that memo, and it’s the biggest turn-off ever. I’ll spontaneously text you when I’m free and want to see you, so please: calm down. Why would you care so much if you’ve never even had a real conversation with me?Meeting those two stereotypes is not only annoying, Not knowing whether you’re ours is exciting. Especially when they have the nerve to get angry when you don’t respond to a text. You’re really going to make a fuss about a girl not immediately replying? And that’s another thing about dating late 20-somethings that annoys me: there’s so much pressure and a lot of misplaced expectations.Says a lot about your character (Let’s see, you’re either really insecure, or really arrogant. both), To all of you who think my rant about not replying is mean and bitchy: it’s not. Things would go a lot smoother if everyone just went with the flow (Okay, that sentence kinda feels like the start of a bad rap song, weird). Bars, bookstores, library, grocery store, anywhere with an sort of human interaction?Adult education classes, college, go back to school little girl - that is the best place to meet - do you remember all the crushes you and others had in school?Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.easiest place to meet somebody is at a bar.

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