preventing backdating of - Benefits of consolidating superannuation

Many Australians have super funds from previous employers in a number of accounts.If you do, you could be paying unnecessary fees and insurance premiums.

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If you’re transferring funds from your SMSF to Uni Super, we need to receive your funds via a cheque payable to Uni Super.

The table below confirms what type of supporting information you need to provide.

Visit the Finding Lost Super page for more details on how to locate your lost superannuation.

Before deciding to transfer a benefit from another fund, you should enquire with your previous fund whether any exit fees or penalties will apply.

Call our Client Services Team for more information.

If you haven't already, register for Member Online so you can arrange your transfer electronically.You will have successfully consolidated your super. 18-Nov-2017 If retirement is on your radar, then this video series is worth a watch.We are happy to announce our highly-popular How to Retire Ready seminar, presented by Martin Kennedy in Melbourne, is now available to view online.Any super amounts transferred are credited to your Member Account in the same manner as contributions.VISSF does not charge an entry fee if you transfer a benefit from another fund.If your TFN can’t be validated, you’ll need to verify your identity. Log in to Member Online to check if you’ve provided your TFN, update your details or verify your identity.

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