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TERA Online was released only recently, on May 1 2012, but is home to a vast variety of features.It has the option of six different races; the honest yet fierce Aman, the well combat balanced, gentle natured Baraka, the cleverly skilled and fast tempered Castanics, The secretive, bold High Elves, the persistent and knowledgeable Humans, and finally the curious yet ferocious Poporis.

The couple got married at a fancy ceremony last weekend in South Carolina after dating for 2 years -- then jetted straight for a swanky resort, where their room is literally on the Indian Ocean.

TERA Online is a MMORPG game that boasts to have a true action combat system like none that has been done before.

TERA Online is mainly made up of free roam areas, ranging from never ending sanded desserts, wild and dangerous jungles and everything in between.

The aim is to join an alliance to become the heroes that will save their precious world from bloodthirsty monsters.

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We love coming up with creative ideas for our families and yours.Mounts are available in varying speeds, depending on your skill level and depth of your wallet.There are various ground mounts available, however, if you want to get somewhere quickly, there is the option to fly from one city to another from using the TERA Online transportantion system.Here are just some of the “secret thrown flags” of dating: 1. Not only didn’t you make a reservation, you have no clue as to where to go. This means to the female you’re unorganized and don’t give a shit. Didn’t pay for her taxi rides (coming and going)—orange flag. To her, you’re being cheap and trying to get something for as little as possible. (Also, it tells her you don’t make enough at your job to date in NYC! Being mean to waiters, cabbies, or anyone else “serving” you is a definite yellow flag. You must guide your character through multiple quests which will take you through the different world zones.

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