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Some villagers combined gardening with transhumant pastoralism, which involves grazing small herds of sheep, goats, and cattle on the lowlands in the winter and in the high Pontic pastures in the summer.

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Women among the Turkish Yürük pastoralists made woolen kilims, rugs, and saddlebags. The Aegean region also has a Mediterranean climate.

It contains rich valleys and alluvial plains as well as rolling hills and mountains.

It has a moderate climate, rich soil, and extensive coastlines.

As a result of modern development, it has the highest percentage of the population engaged in nonagricultural pursuits of any region in the country.

Eastern Anatolia is the most mountainous, remote, undeveloped, and sparsely populated region.

Its elevation and cold temperatures make it less suitable for crop cultivation than the rest of Anatolia.Thus, many western Black Sea men sought work outside the region in the navy and merchant marine or in major cities, later returning home to retire.While the men worked away, the women kept up the home, farmed the land, and cared for the livestock.The western region is noted for citrus and banana groves.Seminomadic peoples traditionally utilized the Taurus Mountains to graze sheep, goats, cattle, and camels.A wide variety of crops are produced, including citrus fruits, olives, nuts, sunflowers, tobacco, sugar beets, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

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